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ABOUT specializes in full-service online marketing research.  This includes qualitative as well as quantitative methods.  All work is done in-house, from study design to online application programming to analysis and reporting.  If the same person is involved in all phases of a study, rather than outsourcing parts of it to a commodity ASP, then gains can be realized with respect to time, cost efficiency, and, importantly, design flexibility. 

SyKronix houses a synchronous, (real time) focus group facility, an asynchronous, (over time) focus group facility, and questionnaire hosting facilities.  It also has real-time mouse tracking tools that are useful in advertising pretesting and web usability studies.  Additionally, SyKronix has assembled a set of tools for online business intelligence research.  Dr. Owen, SyKronix' founder, has a technical background in metrology (the science of measurement) and human factors psychology.  His research in the measurement of consumer attention and information overload is cited in college textbooks

The name SyKronix comes from Dr. Owen's work as a psychology technician in taking real-time computer measures associated with human information processing: sy from psychology and kronix from chronograph, an instrument used for the precision measurement of time.  SyKronix' first job was in 1987 for a pair of five-button questionnaire response boxes and driver programs for an advertising agency.  Until 2002, SyKronix was not a commercial venture; all work was done at cost. was first registered as a domain name in March 2000 as a test bed for some of Professor Owen's research in real-time online measurement techniques.  Seeing a gap in the market for cost-effective, full-service online marketing research, work was begun in the spring of 2001 to transform into a commercial venture.  The result was a marketing researcher's portal,, an online marketing research hosting service,, a client subdomain-based research host,, a usability and advertising pretesting application,, a self-service questionnaire designer and host,, and a searchable recruiter's database,  After a failed joint venture, SyKronix registered as an LLC in Pennsylvania in early 2002.

Tyman-Space Online College was started in 1997, with free, GPL licensed, self-service courseware first posted at GeoCities.  The name comes from the vision that Professor Owen had when he posted some of the world's first Web courseware in early 1995: that the Web can become the logistical tool for bridging time and space in distributed knowledge applications.  Indeed, these materials have been used by professors in places such as Ukraine and China, where an Internet connection was easier to find than textbooks on Western marketing thought. 


Dr. Robert Owen, Project Director