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SyKronix is under construction and not all features are fully functional.  This guide is, therefore, a preview that is subject to revision. 

Prices are aligned with the guidelines.  Prices listed here are not intended to be a quote or an offer, but are intended to provide a point of reference into how a project price is derived.  Unless otherwise noted, all prices are for off site work using SyKronix' own shop, equipment, and software applications.

Facility Rental  
Synchronous facility set up (live focus group room), incl. client supplied logo $400 (unmounted after 30 days non-use)
Synchronous facility rental, includes transcript (blue room only) $40 / hour, 13 concurrent logins max.
Asynchronous facility set up (message board), incl. client supplied logo $400 (unmounted after 30 days non-use)
Asynchronous facility rental, includes transcript $400 / week

Qualitative Design & Moderation  
Synchronous or Asynchronous topical guide designed by Dr. Owen $1000 (presuming a 90-minute online synchronous session or one week asynchronous session)
Synchronous moderation $100 / 90 minute session
Asynchronous moderation $100 /  business week day, five checks per ten hour day

Survey Design & Posting  
Survey designed by Dr. Owen $100 to $400 per ten variables; note that some response formats have more than one variable per question
HTML questionnaire template set-up with client supplied logo; mounting of HTML page and CGI program on SyKronix server, one scrolling page w/no skips, branches, pipes, or graphics; email of complete data file (text format) at end of survey response period $200 (unmounted after 30 days)
HTML client side coding of questionnaire, with matching server CGI programming, one scrolling page w/no skips, branches, or pipes $10 per variable (open or closed ended); note that some response formats have more than one variable per question
Online conjoint set-up  

Quantitative Processing & Analysis Raw machine files only; does not include assessment, recommendations,or report writing.
Format raw survey data file for quant. analysis $0.01 / variable / respondent; note that some response formats have more than one variable per question
Univariate summary, BMDP, text file $100 setup plus $1 per variable
Multivariate analysis, BMDP, text file $100 to $500 each program; requires that univariate summary be completed first
Conjoint analysis  

Qualitative Processing & Analysis  
Open-end question, spreadsheet matrix set-up $25
Open-end question, post to spreadsheet matrix from online file (no analysis) $10 /question / respondent
Open-end question, written summary/assessment $2.50 / question / respondent
Synchronous transcript summary/assessment  
Asynchronous transcript summary/assessment  

Report Writing  
Partial reports $50 / page
Charts, Figures, Tables $50 to $1500

Client-side Web Development
(associated with a research project)
Includes working html3 pages but not dhtml programming,  forms, or server side programming.  Copy and photos supplied by client.  Pages from existing templates  might be less; modifications to SyKronix coded pages are likely to be less.
Index page design plus a second page $250 to $2000
Additional pages linked from index page and based on the same design theme $100 to $1500 per page
Static icon development (gif or jpeg) $50 to $1000 each
Animated web graphics (gif) $50 to 1000 per frame

Hourly Rates  
Off site $25 to $80 / hour
On site $640 / day;
$2500 / five day week, 10 hr. days, plus travel and lodging expenses



Dr. Robert Owen, Project Director