• Ohio State University, 1987-92
    Ph.D., Marketing (logistics minor)

  • Ohio State University, 1987-90
    M.A., Marketing

  • Central Michigan University, 1979-81
    M.A., Management

  • Park College 1977-79
    B.A., Management (Cum Laude)

  • Community College of the Air Force, 1976-78
    A.A., Instrumentation Electronics

  • USAF School of Metrology, 1976
    Honor Graduate, Metrology

  • Bowling Green State University, 1971-1974
    education major (music scholarship)


Professional Certifications:

  • Certified Electronics Technician (CET, #OH-450), administered by the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians.

  • Brainbench Transcript ID 2948781, html, information technology.

Other Training:

  • Direct Marketing Circulation Day, New York, NY. 30 JAN 97. Scholarship awarded by the Direct Marketing Association.

  • Direct Marketing Institute for Professors, fellowship awarded by the Direct Marketing Day of New York, Inc. and the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, 29-31 MAY 96, New York, New York.

Teaching Experience:

  • Texas A&M University - Texarkana, Texarkana, TX. Assistant Professor, 2002-pres.

  • Pennsylvania State University - Berks, Reading, PA. Assistant Professor, 1999-2000.

    • Personal Selling

    • Project Management and Planning

    • Logistics

    • Topics in Business

  • State University of New York at Oswego, Oswego, NY. Assistant Professor, 1994-1999.

    • Consumer Behavior

    • Principles of Marketing

    • Sales Management

    • Marketing Management (graduate)

    • Business Research (graduate)

  • Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA. Assistant Professor, 1992-94.

    • Marketing Principles and Practice

    • Consumer Motivation and Behavior

    • Marketing Management (undergrad)

    • Marketing Management (graduate)

  • Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Graduate Teaching Assoc. (full responsibility), 1987-92.

    • Sales Management

    • Cases in Managerial Marketing (capstone)

    • Marketing Management

    • Marketing Principles

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Project Director. Sykronix, LLC.  2001-pres.  A pharmaceutical marketing research web portal,, and online marketing research service,  Built capabilities for online surveys, online focus group research, online messaging systems; built internal intranet and development tools.  Built and associated demonstrations of online pseudo eye tracking for web usability studies; SyKwest, an online questionnaire application; Tyman-Space College, online training associated with

  • Project Director. V2, Blue Bell, PA.  Fall 2000.  Developed an online pseudo eye tracking application for a pharmaceutical consulting firm, conducted competitive intelligence research.

  • Graduate Associate. Ohio State University, Department of Marketing, Columbus, OH.  SP 88, WI 89, SP 91.  Fabricated electronic equipment and wrote computer programs used in advertising research; performed statistical analyses.

  • Electronics Technician. Ohio State University, Behavioral Sciences Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Columbus, OH. 1981-87.  Designed and fabricated electronic computer interfaces; wrote computer programs used in social, cognitive, and engineering psychology research.  Designed and ran video facilities used in counseling psychology and in focus group research.

  • Sales Agent. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Columbus, OH.  1980-81.  Sold financial and estate planning products while completing MA degree.

  • Metrologist. United States Air Force, Lowry AFB, CO, and Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory, Rickenbacker AFB, OH.  1976-80.  Metrology is the science of measurement through the use of scientific method.  Calibrated and repaired precision measurement equipment to what is now the NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology).  Honor Graduate of nine month PME school.

Competitive Grant Awards:

  • Owen, Robert S., "An Investigation of the Value-Added Role of the Seven Step Selling Process." SUNY Oswego Scholarly and Creative Activity Grant. $1,000. DEC 94.

  • Owen, Robert S., Madeline Foshay, & Roch King (1994), "North American Indian Traveling College Program." Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Office of Social Equity. $3120. JAN 94.

  • Owen, Robert S. (1992), "Polychronic Time Use: Implications for a Developing Workforce." Institute for Comparative and International Management Studies (ICIMS) Professional Development Award. $1500. NOV 92.


Published Abstracts:

  • Owen, Robert S. (1999), "Some Techniques for Interactive Pedagogy." Developments in Marketing Science, 22, 263. Presentation as panelist, "Innovative Uses of Cases in Marketing Education" at the 1999 Annual Conference, Academy of Marketing Science, MAY 99.

  • Owen, Robert S., Alfred Ngoko, Ding Zhang, & June Dong (1998), "Macromarketing, Public Policy, and Diffusion of Innovation.." Paper Abstracts of the ISQOLS 1998 Conference, Shelly Rennick & Bruno Zumbo (eds.). International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies. (Full abstract available at

  • Owen, Robert S. (1997), "The Global Village Blast to the Past." Marketing History Knows no Boundaries, Proceedings of the Eighth Conference on Historical Research in Marketing and Marketing Thought, 203. D.G. Brian Jones & Peggy Cunningham (eds.). Cosponsored by Michigan State University, Queens University, Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Macromarketing.

Book Chapters:

  • Introduction. Introductory Chapter to online Marketing Principles textbook/course at Socrates Web site (

  • Promotion. Chapter to online Marketing Principles textbook/course at Socrates Web site (

  • Sales Management. Chapter to online Marketing Principles textbook/course at Socrates Web site (

Conference and Refereed Presentations: (Presentations of proceedings listings are not duplicated.)


  • Paper Presenter (competitive), Ohio State University Graduate Research Forum, 1992.

  • Paper Presenter (competitive), Ohio State University Graduate Research Forum, 1989.

  • Discussant (invited), Albert Haring Symposium, 1989.

  • Participant (invited), Operation First View, USAF, 1979.

  • Cum Laude graduate, Park College, 1979.

  • Honor Graduate, USAF School of Metrology, 1976.

  • Scholarship, School of Music, Bowling Green State University, 1971-73.

Professional Service to the Discipline:

  • Web developer and maintainer, 2002 International Conference on Pharmacy Practice in Africa.

  • Editorial Review Board, Journal of Services Marketing, 1995-1998.

  • Textbook Reviewer, NTC Business Books, JAN 98.

  • Web site reviewer, Prentice Hall, MAR 97.

  • Paper reviewer, Eighth Conference on Historical Research in Marketing and Marketing Thought, FEB 97.

  • Paper reviewer, Marketing Management Association, DEC 96.

  • Web site reviewer, Prentice Hall, SEP-OCT 96 (several sites).

  • Textbook manuscript reviewer, Prentice Hall, JUN 96.

  • Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Business Research, 1995.

  • Textbook manuscript reviewer, Prentice Hall, JUL 96.

  • Textbook manuscript reviewer, Prentice Hall, JUN 96.

  • Textbook manuscript reviewer, South-Western College Publishing, OCT 95.

  • Paper reviewer, Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference, OCT 95.

  • Paper reviewer, World Marketing Congress, DEC 94.

  • Session chair and discussant, Product History Track, Sixth Conference on Historical Research in Marketing and Marketing Thought, Atlanta, GA, MAY 93

  • Paper Reviewer, Sixth Conference on Historical Research in Marketing and Marketing Thought, JAN 93.

  • Paper reviewer, World Marketing Congress, JUL 92.

  • Paper discussant, Albert Haring Symposium, Bloomington, Indiana, APR 89.

University Service:

  • Penn State - Berks

    • Marketing Search Committee (1999-2000)

  • SUNY Oswego

    • Faculty Advisor, American Marketing Association student chapter (1994-98) - Finalist in International Case Competition, 1997.

    • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (1995-1999)

    • Judicial Advisor (1995-pres.)

    • General Education Natural Sciences Steering Committee (1996-1999)

    • Alcohol and Other Drugs Curriculum Infusion Committee (1995)

    • Human Subjects Committee (1995-1996)

    • Instructional Computing Center Advisory Board (1995-1999)

    • Instructional Computing Center Equipment Subcommittee (1996-1999)

    • School of Business Curriculum Committee (1994-1996).

    • School of Business Instructional Resources Committee (1995-1999)

    • Committee for department chair selection (1994).

    • Marketing Position Search Committee (1996)

    • Quest 95, 97 session chair; Quest 95, 96, 97, 98 paper presenter

    • Faculty Calling participant (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998)

    • Graduation Ceremony Marshall (1995)

  • Bloomsburg University

    • Founding Faculty Advisor, Frontline (a support organization for students with mental handicaps, 1994)

    • Faculty Coadvisor, START (Students Together Alleviating Racial Tension, 1993-94).

    • Chair, Search and Screen Committee, Marketing Department (1992-93).

    • University Forum (1992-1994).

    • College of Business Technology Planning Committee (1992-94).

    • Native American Awareness Committee (1993-94).

    • University Marketing Plan Committee (1993-94).

  • Ohio State University

    • Faculty Advisor, Pi Sigma Epsilon sales fraternity (1990-91).

Past Professional Memberships:

  • Academy of Marketing Science

  • American Marketing Association

  • Association for Consumer Research

  • International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians

  • International Society for Marketing and Development

  • International Society for Quality of Life Studies

  • Society for Consumer Psychology (Am. Psych. Assn. Div. 23)