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online surveys

Scratch built, so these can be customized to fit any style that is needed (e.g., use your company logo and colors). Sample survey.  Your survey can be designed by Dr. Owen (CV) or you can write your own to be coded here.  If you would like to write your own, visit the online Consumer Psychology course at SyKronix' own Tyman-Space Online College, with particular attention to the following chapters:

See also the survey building blocks tutorial at the SyKronix Marketing Researcher's Portal Allow about a day to generate, mount, and QC a simple (non-branching, non-piping) survey on SyKronix' server.  SyKronix is not equipped to do recruiting.

synchronous online focus group facilities

Sample the Blue Room; enter with any nickname you want.  Powered by BlueChat, it does not require the participant to download any special software and it does not require Java.  Although the Blue Room can be set to drop messages older than a few minutes from the room, (adjustable for any period of time that you want) a full transcript of the session is retained.  Try it now.

Allow a day to configure a room to your needs.  You may moderate your own session if you wish.  SyKronix is not equipped to do recruiting.

If you must run a focus group on browsers that cannot do frames or JavaScript (e.g., hand-held devices), an alternative facility can be set up. 

asynchronous online focus group facilities

Sample the Red Room, a multiple-topic message board system powered by YaBB.  An asynchronous focus group session is run across days, rather than run live.

Allow two days to configure a room to your needs.  You may moderate your own session if you wish.  SyKronix is not equipped to do recruiting.

web usability tools

FLIGHT RECORDER and TUNNEL VISION are ways to track where people are looking in text, image, or web documents.  This allows us to gain a better understanding of what attracts someone's attention, what holds a person's attention, how a person navigates through a document, what parts a person finds particularly interesting or confusing, and such.  Take a look at some beta demonstrations of these tools, read the FAQ, and read the potential benefits that this beta technology might someday offer, available only at SyKronix..  These techniques are powered by mousEye technology that was developed here at SyKronix.

messaging systems

SyKronix has also developed a special message board for use by trainers or anyone who is working remotely with a team.  This application allows team members to bookmark online resources to share with others in the group.  The software is GPL licensed (free and modifiable) and can be downloaded from here.  Installation requires knowledge of cgi/perl, but it can be installed by SyKronix.

about the online server

SyKronix uses Feature-Price to host its services.  This hosting provider was chosen over other hosting services, including SyKronix' own equipment, in part because it is located on an Internet backbone.  This does not guarantee service, but it does suggest that speed of access, reachability, and reliability should approach that of the entire Internet itself.


Dr. Robert Owen, Project Director