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Note that the primary focus of SyKronix is on marketing research and training.  Web development is done in conjunction with these activities rather than as a stand alone activity.

BMDP System 7 for statistical analysis.  Spreadsheets are used to grid qualitative responses.

graphics development
raster graphics: LView Pro, Serif PhotoPlus, Irfanview, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, PC Paintbrush Designer, WebPainter, The Gimp (Linux).

vector graphics: Serif DrawPlus, NetStudio, CorelDraw.

animation: LView Pro, Serif DrawPlus, Serif PhotoPlus, The Gimp (Linux).

hardware: Umax Astra 2000 scanner, Mustek MDC 800 digital camera.

html/code development
Arachnophilia, AceHTML, RemotePad, Netscape Composer, KWrite (Linux), Mozilla Composer (Linux), pico (unix). 

operating systems
Red Hat Linux 6.2, 7.0; Mandrake Linux 8.1; Windows 95, 98se; BeOS 5; EPOC (Psion and other handheld devices).

browsers (for usability testing)

MS Windows:

  • Netscape 4.6, 4.7, 6
  • MS Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Opera 5
Linux / unix:
  • Netscape 4.78
  • Mozilla 0.9.4
  • Galeon 0.12.1
  • Lynx
Neoplanet is now boycotted after a spammer reported having purchased SyKronix registration information.

Apache server
The SyKronix back room includes offline networked Linux Apache servers and Linux workstations on which entire web sites (including cgi scripts) can be prototyped prior to online mounting.  A dual-boot Linux Apache laptop can also be used to collect data offline in face to face interviews.



Dr. Robert Owen, Project Director